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New Mexico State Sip Trunk Pricing

New Mexico State Sip Trunk Pricing

Extended Coverage for New Mexico State

SIP trunking offers free site to site calls in New Mexico and a low flat long distance rate which makes SIP preferable over paying for both internet and PRI services.  You may want to consider an internet upgrade with SIP as you will be sending more information over your data connection in New Mexico.  SIP trunk services are preferred by many leading companies because there are lower line rental costs, you can reduce your phone bills up to 80 percent, you will have access to free calls made to others in the same network, you will be able to keep your telephone number regardless of where you business moves to, you can apply for national and international area codes for easier and cheaper long distance and international calls and you can have your calls forwarded in case of an emergency system failure.  You can integrate this SIP trunk service seamlessly into your business and scale lines up and down as needed.  SIP trunk pricing is cost effective when you use             

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